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8 Reasons why Every Business in Uganda requires a website

80% of people people judge a business by going through their website.

Your business needs a website and preferably one that is professionally designed and developed. not convinced we have collected 8 reasons why your big or small business needs a website.

in case you don’t know what a website is you can read more here.


With A Website You Target a Larger Audience

The more audience you cater for online the more successful your business will become. When you have a website your business is visible to everyone and everywhere in the Country bit Moroto or Kabala.

But when you have an offline business you only cater limited number of clients. In case your business needs a website you can mail me via

With A Website You Look Professional

75% of the people around the world trust more a business with a website than one without. A website is a great place to showcase your work or some business certifications which builds trust from customers allover.

With A Website You Keep Your Customers Informed

A website is an effective way of introducing your customers to new services, letting them know about new products and also coming up events you are having soon.

You Gain a Competitive Advantage

It is simple, because you competitor has a business website, you need to have one as well. Customers research a lot before buying a product and if you don’t have a website for your business or brand, you are helping your competitors gain an advantage over you.

A Website Keeps Your Business Always Open 24/7 and 365 Days

Customers are able to access your business website at anytime, anywhere and take a look at your products or services and even buy them when you aren’t around.

A Website Improves Legitimacy of Your Brand

Having a website will give your business credibility apart from giving them only information about your business. People are able to know that your business is here to mean business and not fooling people around.

Your Website Establishes Your Place in the Industry

If you don’t have a website potential customers will go to your competitors who do have websites. Establish yourself as a leader in your field by building a professional website that is completely different.

A Website Saves You Money In The Long Run

As a small business owner especially one that is starting out you can open up a free website on Word-press initially if you on a low budget.

Compared to traditional means of advertising such as newspapers, radio commercials, magazines and billboard commercials. When you consider the potential market you can reach with a website it is a very cost effective way to promote your business in the long term.


80% of people people judge a business by going through their website. In case you have come this far it seems you need a website for your business, you can contact me here for inquires on how I can create for you a perfectly designed website.

To know more about what a Website is, you can read more what-is-a-website.

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