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5+ Blogs For Beginner Web Developers to Follow


Web Development blogs can be extremely helpful when looking to expand your knowledge in a particular web development niche. However when searching it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of content that’s out there. How can you differentiate between fair content and good content? Because of this difficulty, I decided to compile some of my favorite blogs and I urge you to take a look.

In this post I have come up with a list of lots of the best beginner web development blogs to bookmark 🔖 in your browser. These blogs are favorable for beginners but although you are an expert don’t hesitate to take a look.

Table of content

  • Smashing Magazine
  • Site Point
  • Developer Drive
  • Code Newbie
  • Simple Programmer
  • Alist Apart

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a well-known design and web development blog that contains regularly updated news and opinion content relating to website design, web development and user experience. They publish posts on a daily basis, so it’s worth to bookmark it.smashing magazine screen shot




In terms of beginner friendly staff, you can find many posts relating to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Their team of experienced designers and developers regularly share their expertise.

Site Point

If you’re a beginner looking for a web development blog that focuses exclusively on web development, software programming and development tools, then site point is the blog to follow. You will be getting a report on anew topic of interest in the development world.

site point screen shot






Code Newbie

As the name says it all, Code Newbie offers an open look into the lives of new web developers and serves as a place for people to read about web development, career advice and so much more about the web development industry.

code-newbie screen shot




Code Newbie is generally known for its beginner friendly blog posts which are based on practical experience in the industry. If you are a code newbie looking to get a head in you web development career, code newbie is definitely an interesting read.

Developer Drive

This is another perfect option if you are just beginning your career in web development. By web developers for web developers. Developer Drive offers the latest news in the world of web development.

developer drive

Read articles on how to get started with HTML and CSS, how to secure your site, Developer Drive got you covered.

Simple programmer

On this web development blog, you will find regular content on least touched upon topics within the development world, They explore content such as developer tips, how to improve relationships in developer teams and how to apply for a web developer job effectively.

simple programmer screen shot





When you are wondering something about web development, they are 9/10 to have written about it. They are constantly posting new articles you will always find their something to read about. This one is definitely worth a place among your bookmarks.

A list Apart

A list A part let’s you read insightful web design and web development articles from industry leaders. You will get the best practices for the web community and get informed on how to create the best work in the web development industry.

a List Apart screen shot





A List Apart covers a wide range of topics from coding content, design and even the business side of the tech and web development industry.

Additionally they publish a lot of useful tips such as using SVG in HTML, CSS media queries, even how to enhance website accessibility for Steen readers.


Now you know the blogs for beginner web developers, gaining the required skills to create successful websites and web applications does not happen in a forte night. Consistency and hard work will be you from beginner to expert. You can read the learning methods used by self taught developers in 2022.

Reading and following the most appropriate blogs is the highest importance to get the maximum benefits out of any web development job.

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