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How To Start A YouTube Channel


With the continued rise of the video blogging culture, it’s completely understandable for any young adult to be encouraged by the idea of starting a YouTube channel.

Starting a YouTube channel in Uganda has been made easy today than ever before. Most people especially in the society i am from think starting a YouTube channel is only for the Bazungu (whites), and usually think there is some fee you have to pay in order to have a channel. But starting a YouTube channel is totally free of charge all you should have is a Gmail email address.

Here are a few tips for starting a YouTube channel in Uganda: 10 brilliant tips

Table of contents

  1. start right now
  2. gain experience getting in front of the camera
  3. know your why
  4. find your niche
  5. invest in the right equipments
  6. know how YouTube works
  7. focus on your channel
  8. Start with Simple Editing Software
  9. make every second count
  10. Connect with Your Viewers
  11. Upload Videos Regularly

Start Right Now

You have clicked to read this post when you want to learn how to start a YouTube channel. So amazingly, there are still some people out there who are thinking of starting a YouTube channel and have been for months, possibly even years. My advice to you is, ready or not, start now don’t wait for your friend to have one before you do. Unless you are waiting for a new Uganda that is not coming now.

Every moment you hesitate or post-pond, there are thousands of video creators starting their YouTube channel today, and taking up all your potential viewers.

Gain Experience Getting In Front Of Camera

YouTube is all about making videos, feel the fear and do it. Record whatever you want today. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t end up on YouTube. You need to gain experience in getting in front of the camera, You need to start creating content to find out whether or not you enjoy making videos before you know whether or not you can become a YouTuber no one is perfect when starting out.

Know Your Why

Before you start you should answer these questions: Why do you want to start a YouTube Channel, what do you want your channel to achieve on YouTube, Who is your target audience? What age range? What gender, what type of location, in which language do you want to communicate with. Try and be as specific as possible and, even most importantly, why should they watch your content?

There are millions of channels out there. How are you going to distinguish your content from everybody else who’s already on YouTube making content? Viewers want to know what they can gain from the content.

Find Your Niche and Stick To It

Your channel should be about one specific topic, when you are starting out, because you need to appeal to a very specific audience.

Niche down: Your channel should not be about many things for example; your channel is about beauty, celebrity news and it’s about cooking be specific.

 invest in the Right Equipment’s

Since this is Uganda using your smartphone is certainly an acceptable way to record your first videos, but as time goes on and if you want viewers to enjoy your content, it is really important to invest in the right equipment’s.

For example a good camera for videography, a good microphone, a laptop or computer for editing your videos and so much more…

Remember, though, you have a good camera. If you neglect other things like audio quality, Bad audio will always be more distracting than a bad video.

Start With Simple Editing Software

Just because you’re creating videos doesn’t mean you need advanced software to edit your content. You can start with the available ones and you will improve them in the long run.

If you’re new to video editing, when your using your smartphone you can use programs like Power Director, In Shot, Kinemaster for both Android and Apple while when you are using a desktop, you can use programs like Blender, lightworks and ShotCut available on windows and Mac.

These are a lot more user-friendly and are easily downloadable, if you don’t already have them on your computer or smartphone.

Learn How YouTube Works

The chances are, that the first video you make is not going to be the best. But in all you’ve made a video. You’ve made the first step, and in six months’ time, you’ll look back at that first video and think yeah, that really was terrible, but you’ve got to start the journey somewhere.

You need to gain experience going through the workflow of uploading videos. Writing good titles, having a good description for your video and so much more.

Focus On Your Channel

Avoid comparing yourself to others and focus on your own channel stop waiting for perfection. As long as you like and enjoy the concepts you come up with, your viewers will sense your seriousness and love for your line of work, and this will help attract their interest and gain more views.

Make Every Second Count

It’s equally important that you produce quality content and delete anything that you think may not contribute to making your videos better.

This means that you need to be selective with the clips you include in the final cut. Choose only your best shots to keep your viewers interested and engaged throughout your entire video.

Connect With Your Viewers

Over time, you’ll slowly gain followers and get more comments from fans on your videos, and eventually, you’ll get messages on your personal social media accounts—you may even get some fan messages, As much as possible, make time to connect with your viewers.

Remember that your social media accounts are an extension of your YouTube channel, so try to share stories of your life on popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Upload Videos Regularly

Another important tip is to be consistent with your uploads. No matter how imperfect you think your content is, it’s important that you keep getting your videos out there.

Have a timetable for your videos, is it going to be every day, once a week, at a particular time of the day? Think about when your audience is most likely to watch your videos, and how many videos can they watch per week, and then design your content to those watching habits.


Having a YouTube Channel can come with some benefits in the long run like; most importantly earn some income from it, gain a following and so much

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