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Guide To Becoming A Self-Taught Software Developer


Software Development is the process of creating computer software using different computer programming languages like HTML, CSS, Java and Python.

In case you want to change a career and you have chose software Development as you new venture. Here is a guide to becoming a software Developer in any part of the world.

Table of contents

  1. Tech Industry
  2. Why Self-Taught?
  3. Figure Out your end goal
  4. Choose a Programming Language
  5. find resources and Build a Curriculum
  6. learn by doing
  7. find a community
  8. build your own projects
  9. create an online presence
  10. prepare and apply to jobs
  11. conclusion

Tech Industry

Technology is changing the world.

More and more people are learning programming skills and transforming their careers to become Software developers.

There simply aren’t enough developers out there who can fill the job space.

It’s estimated by 2025 there will be more Tech jobs than the people who can work.

Why Self Taught?

A computer degree is not required to enter the tech industry.

According to the Stack over Flow 2019 Survey, 88% of respondents taught themselves a new programming-language.

It doesn’t matter if you do not have a computer science degree.

It doesn’t matter where you are from all that matters is where you want to go.

It doesn’t matter if you have not written a single line of code in your life.

If you are passionate about learning something, you can absolutely do it.

Figure Out Your End Goal

Know your why, do you want to work on your own projects, Big Company, Start-ups, Freelance? Figure out what you need because there are many things you can do.

Know what you want to go into, is it Web Development, Mobile Application, Gaming, Data science, Desktop applications.

You can check on the salary scales, job security for different kinds of Tech Jobs and choose what you can go into.

To read more about the top Learning Methods for Self-Taught Developers you can read it here

Top Learning Methods for Self-Taught Developers

Choose a Programming Language

Once you choose what you want to do either it’s Web Development it’s time you choose a programming language. Figure out which Language you should learn for what you want to do.

When beginners start to learn to program to build something practical or build mobile apps, they get overwhelmed by so many programming languages out there and all the libraries, tools and frameworks that accompany it.

You do not need to know it all, you simply need to know the right and important ones.

Find Resources And Build A Curriculum.

In order to learn a programming language you need to find resources and build your own Curriculum.

When you do not have a teacher, you make your own structure. And then you understand how things work better because you’re figuring it out.

Books: Great for learning Languages Fundamentals.

Documentation: Best used for reference.

Resource Websites: W3Schools,W3Resouces,MDN Web Docs

Video Course: YouTube, Udemy, Pula sight, Lynda, Coursera, Udacity, etc.

Online Bootcamps: FreeCodeCamp, Code academy, Team Treehouse etc

To read more of the most used learning methods of Self Taught Developers you can read more here.

Learn By Doing

There’s a saying that practice makes a man perfect.

You can read endless amount of books and watch countless tutorials but if you don’t take action, you are doing nothing. Simple.

The ideology is that you learn by doing, by copying, by following along.

You are not going to feel confident if you do not implement something practically that you learned via an online course.

We learn best by doing it.

Find a Community

Find a community of peers to learn from it can be beneficial in the long run. Join Facebook groups, What’s-app groups and start talking to other developers online and offline. It’s not only for learning but you also building networks.

Build Your Own Projects

Copy tutorials, read books and follow along with courses as you are creating your own projects. This is where most get stuck and quit.

Start easy and don’t hurry. Practice is the key to learning programming.

Programming is all about solving a particular problem. Look at other people’s code that is similar to what you what to achieve, add new features, use the docs as a supplement to figure out new staff.

Create an Online Presence

Self-Taught Developers NEED a simple Great portfolio where there can showcase their work and expertise, So that employers or Clients can prove that you know what you are doing not just gambling.

Have an up to date LinkedIn and twitter profile. The more you are visible on the web the better.

Prepare and Apply To Jobs

When all the stones are turned.

You should have known your end goal, learnt a programming language and so on.

Prepare for interviews, create a resume, cover letter, etc. Search for jobs offline and online that are looking for things you know and APPLY.

Don’t expect to be given a job on your first application, remember it is your first job, not your last.


You are not going to be a Perfect developer. And you will never, No one knows everything out there to learn or master. Even the most experienced programmers fail and face challenges even after 10 years of experience.

A lot of good developers are self-taught. To read more of the most used learning methods of Self Taught Developers you can read more here.

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