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Top Learning Methods Of Self Taught Software Developers


One of the most difficult staff of being a Self-Taught Developers is being able to find resources for learning.

If you have an internet connection you can be able to get all the learning resources in the world, but sometimes it can be tiresome, so I have come up with top learning methods you can use a Self-Taught developer to teach yourself the coding skills from beginner to advance without any curriculum barrier. Meanwhile.

This journey of being a Self-Taught Developer requires a lot of dedication and consistency while following these learning methods. If you want to know more how you can be a Self-Taught Developer you can learn more here.

Table of Contents

  1. read books
  2. audio books and podcasts
  3. written tutorials and blogs
  4. Structured electronic courses
  5. reading other people’s code
  6. YouTube tutorials
  7. stand alone courses
  8. documentation
  9. build your own projects
  10. conclusion

Read Books

Anyone who wants to become a Self-Taught Developer is strongly recommended to start the journey from reading the most relevant books about programming.

Books are great for higher level programming subjects like concepts, soft skills business etc.

Reading the relevant books will offer you various crucial insights regarding the software development path that you may not find anywhere else. There are several recommended books developers can be take into consideration such as Clean Code by uncle Bob, soft skills by Johnson.

Written Tutorials and Blog Posts

There are very many great websites which offer written tutorials, they are much equal to books but they are more updated than books.

They are targeted and right to the point, clear code and examples, easy reference. Some websites include;,, csstricks etc.

Audio Books and Podcasts

Audio books and Podcasts are not the same but you can get the same knowledge from both. These definitely are not good for learning to code but they are great supplements for things about the industry.

You can learn from anywhere with both these either in the gym, car, etc. Audio books are good for large topics while Podcasts are good for tips, news, etc. A few include;, codepen radio.

Structured E-Courses

These are platforms that give you a strict curriculum to follow and they give you a structure. These are great for absolute beginners who don’t know where to start.

Some platform examples are freeCodeCamp, Team TreeHouse, CodeAcademy etc

Reading Other People’s Code

Reading other developers code is one of the most effective and widely used method for Self-Taught Developers, you can find from friends, co-workers. Meanwhile, you can opt for platforms like w3schools, geeksforgeeks, github, codepen etc. Where you can find a huge variety of codes that can help you to gain more learning exposure and enhance your knowledge.

YouTube Tutorials

YouTube is a great source for learning free things, you can search absolutely everything on YouTube, some are great and some are not, so you have to weed out all that for the best content.

Most recommended YouTube channels you can follow include; The Net Ninja, Traversy Media, Programming with mosh etc.

Stand Alone Courses

I owe my career to stand alone courses, they are good method for learning since you can pick your own subject at any time you want to learn it, freedom to learn what you want, learn at the pace you want, and the best of all these courses are extremely cheap.

Platforms that offer these courses include; Udemy,, Pulralsight etc.


Whenever you want to learn something new, this should be the first place you should always go, this is where you are going to get the most reliable and relevant information, most up to date information and latest examples.

Create Your Own Projects

Building you own projects is very crucial to your Self-Taught Developer journey and learning any technology. It doesn’t matter how many YouTube tutorials you have watched, how many books you have read. If you don’t practice what you have read or watched then there is no worth it.

Take what you have learnt and create something your own, it helps in building your confidence and encouragement.


So, these are several major learning methods that can be followed to become a proficient Self-Taught Developer. However, apart from these, you can opt for your learning methods as well but whatever you’ll choose, you need to do hard work and maintain the consistency to get success.

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