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Top Places You Can Learn To Code For Free


There are many places you can learn to code for free and Of course, There is a multitude of paid programs and courses available out there. But the free resources are more than enough to get you started and develop the foundational knowledge to succeed as a software developer.

With me here I have come up with the top resources or places you can learn to code for free.

Table Of Contents

  1. Code Academy
  2. FreeCodeCamp
  3. Udacity
  4. Coursera
  5. W3schools
  6. Solo learn
  7. Odin Project
  8. Code Conquest
  9. Dash General Assembly
  10. YouTube Videos
  11. conclusion

Code Academy

With Code academy you learn the technical skills you need for the job you want.

Codecademy revolves around interactive learning; that is, you read a little, type your code right into the browser, and see results immediately.

Free coding courses the offer include: Python, Html, JavaScript, CSS, Command line, C++ etc….


With FreeCodeCamp you learn from home, build projects and get certified with their free online courses.

By giving you hands-on experience working on projects for nonprofits. It’s perfect for learners who want to learn how to code online by getting practical, hands-on experience that will do some good and look impressive on a resume.

Free coding certifications on offer: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, data visualization, Dev Tools, QA testing, Node.js, React, jQuery, and more…


Make the most of your Online learning experience with Udacity.

Udacity has got Online Learning Resource, tricks and inspiring stories to help you learn while staying home.

Their Intro to Computer Science program takes about 3 months to complete at 6 hours per week. By the time you’re done, you’ll have built your own search engine and social network! You can browse the course materials free of charge, or take a full course with coaching for a fee.

Free coding courses offered by Udacity include: machine learning, data analyst, and so much more…


With Coursera you build skills with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies.

Coursera is one of the best places to learn to code for free, with its professional and versatile course options. The site is a large online course library where classes are taught by real university professors. All courses are free of charge, but you have the option to pay for a “Coursera Verified Certificate” (prices range between $30-$100) to prove course completion. Sometimes paying for a certificate also grants access to content not available in the free versions. Coursera also offers specialization which are collections of courses on a specific topic, typically with a capstone project at the end.

Free courses include: python, JavaScript, java and so much more…


W3Schools is a school for web developers, covering all the aspects of web development with Tutorials, reference examples, exercises to help you learn to code. W3Schools is, and will always be, a completely free developer’s resource.

You can start by choosing the programming language of your choice. Then either jump right into the program or select from different learning options. You can begin with a short quiz to see how much you already know and where a good place to start would be. Or jump right in and test yourself with short examples and reviewing exercises.

W3Schools offers a wide range of languages such as: HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, python, react and much more…

Solo Learn

Solo Learn is a free website that offers a handful of different programming languages.

In the Solo Learn Playground, there is an area to share the code you are working on and have other people collaborate. They can offer suggestions or get inspiration from your code or idea.

Some of the courses Solo Learn offer are: python, C++, java and more…

Odin Project

The Odin Project takes all the guesswork out of learning web development. When you’re trying to learn to program on your own it can be difficult to put all the skills you’re learning together.

The Odin Project curriculum is full of projects that will help you build a strong portfolio, and have an active community to help you through the process.

You’ll learn programming languages and techniques like: JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and so much more…

Code Conquest

Code Conquest is a free online guide to coding for beginners. If you’re someone who wants to learn about coding, but you haven’t got a clue where to start, the Code Conquest is the right place. Code Conquest has all the step-by-step information you need to get started.

There best online resources include: C++, Java, CSS, and so much more.

Dash General Assembly

Dash is a free online course that’ll teach you the basics of web development, all within your web browser.

With Dash, you’ll come away with an understanding of the bigger picture of website development. It’s a great place for beginners with no previous development experience.

You’ll learn the basics of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and how these languages work together to create beautiful, modern websites. In addition, it asks you to build a series of small projects that integrate together at the end to show you how to create a website of your own.

YouTube Videos

YouTube has a ton of videos ranging from sports to even teaching you how to cough, but there are very many channels there that can teach you how to code. Here are the top YouTube channels that can teach you how to code.


When you have read this far, it seems you want to go into learning how to code. Here are the top learning methods for self-Taught Software developers.

You don’t have to go through every single course or program on the list above, but instead, pick the ones that seem the most exciting and dive in.

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