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what is a Website and its Different Types

What Is A Website?

A Website is a collection of Web pages that are related and accessed by visiting it using a Browser like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Websites are usually accessed by visitng the Homepage of the Website using a Browser. To view a Website you require a Web Browser (e.g; Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, etc).

You can access a Website on a range of devices which include; mobile phones, desktop computers, i pads, laptops and many other devices which access the internet.

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When Was The First Website Created

The first website was built by the British CERN Tim Bernes Lee in April 1930.

Types Of Websites

Websites can be grouped into two major types which include static websites and interactive or dynamic websites.

Static Websites are types of websites that have web pages created and stored under there own URL on the web server. Static websites usually take the role of a digital brochure which only displays your required information to the public, it is more like a digital business card.

Dynamic Websites or Interactive Websites are types of websites that change themselves and sometimes automatically. These types of Websites are interactive with the user whereby the user can sometimes make changes on it.

Examples Of Websites

There are a billion of websites today each specialized in a particular type of content or use. A few include;

Blogs, e-commerce, personal website, news website, search engine, school website, business website etc.


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